We are very grateful to our customers who have taken the time to put pen to paper  and for giving us their kind permission to share on our website.


Dear Michael and Diana

I am so sorry you had such a horrendous journey this evening. Can I thank you once again for your wide product knowledge and great customer service. We were so impressed with the care with which you brought my chair in and the in depth explanation about it. I am sitting happily in it as I write this email.

I have already recommended you on Facebook and the MND associations forum.
I am sure we will do business again.

Kind regards

Now that I am old and frail I realize the need for help in coping with what for old people are the difficulties of daily life. I cannot speak highly enough about the help I have received from the South Norfolk Mobility Centre. They have helped me with material support for difficulty in getting up, for example, and difficulty in bathing. But they also provide psychological support – kindness and practical sympathy. I am very grateful to Michael and Diana. Sr. WB.

Dear Michael,

I recently had a problem with the batteries discharging on my power chair.

I contacted South Norfolk Mobility Centre and explained to Dianna, what was happening. Michael got back to me within the hour and the chair was left with him for examination to find the fault. The fault was found the same day and the failed part was ordered from the manufacturer. Whilst waiting for the part, he did a full and thorough service on the machine and replaced failing batteries. In all it took a little over a week because of the wait for the part.

This is my first dealing with this company and suffice to say I am impressed by the service I received.

Michael’s knowledge is second to none and I was updated at every stage over the phone, by either him or his wife. They don’t just sell power chairs and scooters, they know how to repair them if they should ever go wrong.

Would I recommend them to you, yes, I most definitely would.

Thank you Michael and Dianna.

Best regards, BJ

Thank you South Norfolk Mobility Centre for the astounding work that was done on my automatic folding mobility scooter you kept me informed & were dedicated to what was a very difficult job and you had the determination that it wasn’t going to beat you and I am very happy with the outcome thank you very much GF


Dear Michael and Diana,
Thank you, thank you thank you!! You have got me mobile again and able to enjoy the nice weather !
Your shop was closed due to Covid but you answered my call anyway. I needed help on how to change the batteries on a scooter I had borrowed from a friend.  You both went through the process so clearly and (patiently!) via Facebook messenger video twice and didn’t make a charge. I really am very grateful to you both. You didn’t have to help me. You went above and beyond.  Best Wishes J B-F     31st March 2021

ONLINE REVIEWS as at February 2024
I needed an obscure spare part, while in the end they were unable to supply they really tried their best. “Proper” customer service, so rare these days!
In a bewildering new world of mobility issues, the couple who run it can’t do enough for you, with empathy and care. The range was awesome, but were happy to source anything they didn’t have. Lovely experience.
Expensive but worth a look and good service.
Mum went over to have a look at what was available, they were fantastic, gave her one to try and went around the site. Very helpful, great service and delivered the same day. Thank you
I was seeking a lightweight mobility scooter for occasional use that I could carry in the car and load in and out without using an expensive hoist. Excellent personal service received and the advantages / disadvantages of each model explained and opportunity given for me to try out different models. I was shown how to use one safely and that was capable of carrying my heavy weight and tall size. `The dangers of handling to prevent falling were explained and a suitable model purchased. Maybe not the cheapest supplier but certainly excellent service.
Lovely people they look after you
Lovely helpful staff. With a follow up email with extra helpful information.they gave us help in what we need for my situation.