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Illusion, (New)

The Illusion 4 mph pavement scooter is a huge leap forward in scooter design and technology. It is build from aircraft grade aluminium and has Lithium Ion batteries. The scooter weighs 30.7 kgs (the same scooter in steel and with standard batteries weighs 44 kgs), with the heaviest part weighing 9.9kgs. It has a carrying capacity of 18 stone.

The benefit of the lighter weight has greatly opened up the options to those who cannot lift the parts of a standard built scooter.

Featuring good leg room and all round suspension, this compact scooter has a range of approximately 10 miles,…

Vogue (New and Pre-Used)

The Vogue is a 4mph pavement scooter with a range of up to 10 miles. It has suspension and good leg room and has a carrying capacity of 21 stone.

It comes apart into 3 pieces, plus the seat and basket for easy transport. The heaviest part weighs 14.5kgs.

We have had good feedback on the One Rehab range of scooters we stock, because of the build quality, comfort and surprising amount of leg room which accommodates the taller person.

We have new models in Oyster grey in stock and a blue pre-used model.