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Electric rise and recline chairs

We stock chairs from Celebrity, One Rehab and Sherborne. They are all electric and will lower you into and raise you out of the chair, recline the back and lift the footboard. We stock dual motor chairs.


What is the difference between single and dual motor actions? A single motor chair has a set pattern as to lifting the legs and reclining the back. You can stop it at any point, but you cannot independently move the back or the foot board as they both move together. With a dual motor chair…

One Rehab Chancellor Flex Small

Fully Adjustable electric third motor for head tilt, ensuring unrivalled head support and comfort, quickly and effortlessly achieve the perfect ‘TV watching’ position. Tilt in space mechanism evenly distributes pressure across your whole body for ultimate comfort Luxurious waterfall adjustable back cushions, together with generous layers of foam

As you recline back in the chair you will find yourself gently tilting back by the ’tilt-in-space’ motion which ensures your feet rise as the same time as the back reclines maintaining even pressure and support across your body from your feet to your head.

Celebrity Canterbury Grande Cloud Zero

The Canterbury range has been designed with a supportive lateral fibre back for extra comfort with the reassurance of a solid wooden knuckle design. The solid beech wood ‘grab’ handle is integrated into the chair frame for more durability. If preferred the Canterbury can be manufactured without the knuckle.

The model we have on display has a third motor which controls independent adjustment to the head rest.

Celebrity Westbury Grande


The Westbury Range offers both comfort and reassurance from its solid wooden knuckle design. Designed for extra comfort with triple pillow back fibre cushions are a popular choice. The solid beech wood ‘grab’ handle is integrated into the chair frame for more durability.

Celebrity Woburn petite

The Woburn petite features dual motors and a 25 stone weight limit. It has a button back and is neat and compact. It is a luxury chair which you can position to suit your needs, due to the twin motors. This small chair will recline, elevate the legs, raise to a near standing position.

Sherborne Ashford Royale

A winged riser recliner chair scrolled arms and a buttoned back cushion to give superb support to the user.  The smooth and easy  five button control enables the footrest to be raised before the back starts reclining. With a 25 stone weight limit, this dual motor chair is a luxury model.


Sherborne Lynton Royale and Standard

The Sherborne Lynton Royale Riser Recliner Chair is a button back chair with dual motors and attractive scroll arms and is complemented by useful wings  and a  fibre-filled back cushion for excellent comfort and support. It has a weight limit of 25 stone.

Ease the backrest and footrest independently to reach any desired recline position including a near-horizontal full sleeping position. Using the ‘intelligent’ fifth button you can then easily return both the backrest and the footrest together to the sitting position.