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Urinals, Male and Female

Male – holds up to 1 lire – perfect for bedside use.
Female – holds up to 500 ml.

Incontinence Wear, Male and Female

These soft and stretchy polyester/cotton pants can be washed in temperatures of up to 60 degrees. Used with disposable or washable insert pads. Stocked in Small, Medium and Large.

Washable and Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads

The washable Incontinence bed pad is waterproof and is available with abosrobancy up to 2 litres and 3 litres. The 2 litre pad measures 27.5” x 25.5” and the 3 litre pad measures 33.5” x 35.5”. These pads have side flaps to be tucked under the mattress for security.

Also available without the side flaps, up to 2 litre absorbancy and measuring 25.5” x 53”.

For chair use is the 1 litre absorbancy pad, measuring 19” x 23.5” in a choice of colours (red wine, pink, blue, paisely and navy with red/green square detail).

Small (40x60cm, Medium 60x60cm and Large 60x90cm) disposable bed pads…

Swivel Seat and Handy Bar

Often sold as a duo, the swivel seat aids getting in and out of the car, taking less effort to swing round and out. The handy bar gives ‘purchase’.

Long Handled Comb

Available with 14” or 15” anti slip handle.

Key Turner

Holds 3 keys and provides extra leverage for assisted turning.

Furniture Raisers

Sold in two available heights and in sets of 4, these furniture raisers lift the item by 3.5” or 5.5” respectively. Maximum load 60 stone.


Designed with comfort and grip in mind, this cutlery aids dexterity. Other designs can be ordered.

Bed Socks

Ideal for anyone with poor circulation or cold feet at night, bed socks help keep warm the coldest of feet.


Cushions can be very useful in adjusting your seating position for meal times or just for comfort. We stock memory foam and standard foam cushions ideal for the wheelchair user, back rest cushions and coccyx cut out, 2” and 4” cushions and ring cushions.

Walking Sticks

Walking Sticks and Canes come in all sorts of styles. Very popular is the folding cane, ideal for the shopping bag or scooter basket. Decorated or plain, we will be happy to help you choose. Also arthritic grip for right and left hand, important for extra comfort.

Scooter Covers & Rainwear

We stock heavy duty scooter covers for outside use, along with tiller and seat covers. Also waterproof coats with soft lining. Scooter stores also available and scooter canopies can be made to order.