Insurance & Warranty

Mobility Scooters

We are an approved representative of First Senior Insurance Services, who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means that we can offer you advice, and provide mobility insurance.

Although not compulsory, insuring your mobility product is advisable.

Insurance cover includes –

Accidental Damage
Fire Damage
Flood Damage
Loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft
Storm Damage
45 Day world wide cover (excludes North America and Canada)
Public Liability up to £2 million
Any Disabled Driver, with the owner’s permission

Extended Warranty

If your product is under 8 years old at date of policy commencement and has a maximum value of £6000.00 you can take out an extended warranty, similar to that you may take out for an electrical appliance.

New warrantites have to be taken out within 45 days of purchasing new product

On a pre-owned vehicle, warranty cover can only commence if the product has been serviced in the last 90 days by an approved FSIS Dealer.

There is no need to worry about complicated form filling, since we complete the paper work for you. If your product is bought from us then we will have all the details required for the application.

If you made your purchase elsewhere, don’t worry. We can still help you by filling in the form over the telephone and sending to you so that you can sign and send off. We will include our Key Facts sheet. If you find it easier to come in and see us, this is fine too.

Main exclusions are batteries, tyres, motor brushes, light bulbs and any other consumerable parts.

We are happy to send you complete wording for a better understanding of the benefits, terms and limitations. Please contact us for up to date prices.

Please visit for further information.

If you have purchased a road going machine then you may be interested to know about breakdown cover (similar to AA or RAC). Maximum value of product £6000.00. Underwritten by First Call GB.

In the event of
an electrical or mechanical breakdown, including flat battery and puncture,
vandalism or attempted theft or immobilisation as a result of an accident,then you are covered 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. A recovery truck will be organised to
get you and your vehicle back to your home address up to a maximum of 20 miles and if you are on holiday (UK), then back to your temporary address up to 20 miles.
Maximum call out 6 times per year.

Limitations include

If you are unable to travel in the recovery vehicle, you will be reimbursed up to £10.00 towards a taxi fare to your home.
Vehicles immersed in mud, sand, snow or water.

Please ask for full wording and up to date price.