We have just been introduced to a brilliant new scooter from One Rehab. It is a 4mph pavement scooter, like the Vogue, which we already stock and think is brilliant. However, it has just been improved yet again by being built using aluminium and having a Lithium Ion battery pack! Called the Illusion.

The old model weighs 44kgs with 12a/hr  batteries. Of course it comes apart into very easy to lift parts and because of this, it is one of our best sellers. However, the new version weighs 28kgs!! Please see more about the Illusion, under ‘Scooters by make, One Rehab’.

UPDATE! As we head into Winter, the Illusion scooter is still selling very well. Our customers have been very surprised to find that this scooter actually does live up to expectations. The incredible light weight really has to be experienced to be believed. 

We would love to show you this brilliant product. Please come and see us and take a drive!