If your scooter or power chair is in need of repair or service then please do get in touch. We have a fully equipped workshop and we undertake the work ourselves.

So for me, it’s pinny and rubber gloves on! Our service work includes taking the 4 wheels off and hand cleaning and removing any stones/ thorns and debris and checking the tread. Tyres are pumped up.

Wheel bearings are checked and track rod steering arms. The machine is thoroughly cleaned (using a toothbrush where necessary for tiny areas). The motor is checked and motor brushes removed, checked and cleaned and the commutator also. We check all the functions ie lights, brake, indicators, horn, we check under load as well and up a steep slope. 

We tighten the seat plate and thoroughly clean the seat. Grease is applied where necessary. Mats and decals are removed and cleaned. Gear box is checked for oil leaks. The batteries are checked, which we have specialist equipment for, and takes several hours.

We love your scooter or power chair to leave us gleaming, and in tip top mechanical shape. We want you to be proud of your vehicle and we hope you like what we do!


Wispa is finding the heatwave a bit too much. This is what she does on our walks!