Summer is coming to a close (pity), but service and repair work is always ongoing. We have had some challenging electrical faults to repair for our customers’ mobility products. We have had scooters that do not stop after the user has let go of the throttle lever, a power chair with a similar problem in that it would not come to a definite stop quickly enough – so, lots to deal with – successfully I am pleased to say! If your scooter or power chair is doing ‘odd’ things, then please get in touch. We would love to help!

Our best sellers in the small scooter range continue to be the Vogue, Veo Sport and K-Lite Comfort. All exceptional scooters.

A mention for Wispa. She has hurt a front paw and has been limping and yelping, so quick visit to vets. Pleased to report nothing serious. She has pain killers to take and has to rest. Hopefully back to normal soon!